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Privacy and Cookies

In common with most websites, the Catholic Parish of the Most Holy Trinity, including the Church of St. Henry Morse, sites makes use of cookies, which are small text files stored on your computer.


We use the information stored in these files primarily to help us understand how people use our sites and to enable us to make improvements. 

We also use third-party services such as YouTube for video, as well as Facebook ‘like’ buttons. These services often store their own cookies. 

We do not use cookies to store personal information, nor do we use them to identify individuals. 


Cookies we use 

Usage tracking 

We use Google Analytics across all of our websites to help us analyse how our sites are being used. Google Analytics provides information such as how many users have visited a certain page, how long they stayed on the page, whether they were first-time or repeat visitors, what type of browsers are used and much more besides. None of this information enables us to identify individuals, and no sensitive information is stored. 

The table below shows typical cookies used by Google Analytics on our websites:


Cookie name : Purpose

__utma : Used to determine unique visitors by Google Analytics

__utmb : Used to maintain session for Google Analytics

__utmc : Used to maintain session for Google Analytics

__utmz : Used by Google Analytics to track referrals and search engine results

__utmv : Used by Google Analytics to track custom variables



The Facebook Like button uses the following cookies: datr, lu, locale. 

YouTube Video 

We make extensive use of YouTube to provide video content via our website. YouTube uses the following cookies: VISITOR_INFO1_LIVE, use_hitbox, PREF, VISITOR_INFO1_LIVE, demographics, HSID, SSID, LOGIN_INFO, SID, watched_video_id_list_4GNn_. 


We may at certain times ask you for personal information. When we ask you for your personal information, you have the choice not to tell us your personal information. When you provide us with personal information, we will not store any personal information in cookies. In some circumstances we ask for personal information for security purposes. 

The only personal information we may ask for is; Your Name and Your Email address. We may ask for personal information in the following events (but not limited to); 

  1. Sending information via forms on this website. (Required)  

  2. If sending (via web-based-forms) information for committees or councils. (Required)  

  3. Sending in comments about the website. (Not Required)

For Diocesan privacy policy see


All content on this website is, unless otherwise stated, copyright © of Most Holy Trinity Catholic Parish.  

Where copyright applies, visitors may download any information for private use only. Information from this site may not be used by external parties for commercial or public purposes, unless that party has sought and gained written authorisation from the Parish. All applications must be sent directly to the WebMaster

If any material within these pages is found to be copyright to anyone other than the Parish or where permissions have not been granted to the Parish, thus prohibiting use on this website, offending items will be removed immediately from the server upon receipt of contact. Please refer any such cases to the WebMaster


Copyright Material from external parties 

The information on the Vocations pages comes from the National Office for Vocations. 

The information on the Year of Faith pages are attributed appropriately at the bottom of each page.

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