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There are no Roman Catholic schools - either primary or secondary - in the immediate area of Diss. To this extent we offer regular Catechism classes from primary level through to Confirmation age. Please speak to Father about these.


Below you will find a list of primary and secondary schools which are in towns and cities near Diss. More information can be found on their respective websites or the Diocesan website



St. Benet's Catholic Primary School 



St. Edmund's Primary School 


Bury St. Edmunds 

St. Edmund's Catholic First School (5-9) 

St. Benedict's Catholic Upper School 

Moreton Hall Preparatory School (2-13) 



St. Pancras Catholic Primary School (5-11) 

St. Mark's Catholic Primary School 

St. Mary's Catholic Primary School 

St. Alban's Catholic High School 



St. Francis of Assisi Catholic Primary School

Notre Dame High School 

Notre Dame Preparatory School (3-11)


All information correct at time of publication. We can not be held liable for the content on the above linked websites.

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