Public Worship at St Henry Morse
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Mass is usually celebrated on; 
Saturdays at 6pm
Sundays at 9am and 11.30am
Wednesdays at 9.30am

Revised Precautionary Measures for Masses from 25th September 2021


The number of people attending Masses continues to increase and we are looking at ways to move forward to be able to safely accommodate more people.  Please note the revised arrangements for Masses in the coming weeks. The aim is for parishioners to be able to attend a Mass during which they feel comfortable and able to participate. We thank you for your continuing cooperation to support our parish community during this difficult time.


The following revised procedures will take effect from 25th / 26th September.



We will continue with the booking arrangements for some Masses to maintain the social distancing arrangements that many parishioners have told us that they value.  Some parishioners prefer not to book in advance, and so the new arrangements will cater for them too. 

For 9.30am Wednesday and 11.30am Sunday Masses, there will be no advance booking available, and social distancing arrangements will be self-regulated. You are asked to respect the wishes of those who prefer to be socially distant.  Please sign in via the QR code or by writing your name and contact details on the sheet as you enter the church.  When you arrive, please enter your bench from the relevant side (window) aisle, and progress into the bench as far as you can towards the centre.  This will mean that you will be sitting on the centre aisle end of your allocated bench if you are first to arrive.  Otherwise, leave a one metre space between your household and the one already seated.  Thank you.

For Saturday 6pm and Sunday 9am Masses, pre-booking is essential.  If you arrive at Mass without a booking we will do all we can to accommodate you however, there is a possibility that if no space is available, you may be turned away.  When you book, you will be allocated a specific bench, but not a specific place within the bench.  Once again, please process up the middle aisle, and take a space near the window if that space is free, or one metre away from any other people already sitting in the bench.


Masks: please continue to wear a mask throughout the Service unless you are exempt.


Social Distancing:  Please respect the 1 metre social distancing when occupying a bench and when moving around the church.  When returning from Holy Communion via the side aisles, please stay as close as possible to the side walls so as not to compromise social distancing between you and those occupying the end of benches.


One-way system: A one way system will continue and to help maintain social distancing during COVID-19 it would be helpful if anyone not receiving Communion still went forward with others to receive a blessing from the Priest.  At Communion the occupants of any one bench will be guided to move to the centre aisle to go to Communion, and they will return by the respective side aisles.  Please await direction from stewards before leaving your bench for Communion or for a blessing.  If you would prefer not to be moving through a bench to get up to the altar, please ask to sit in the front row so that Fr Alex can take Communion to you, and you will not need to move at all.  When booking for Mass, please make this preference clear when you contact Adrian or Maureen.  For other Masses for which booking is not possible, please call Fr Alex (01379 642914) so that he can reserve you a seat in an appropriate location.


Mass times during Fr Alex’s holiday:  There will be no 11.30 am Mass on Sundays October 10, 17, 24 or 31st, or on November 7th. Extra bookable space will be created within the Community Room for the 9am Mass on those days.  Fr Steve has kindly agreed to cover all our other regular Masses.

 Please note the following:

  • We only accept reservations for Masses for up to seven days ahead.

  • The number of masses that we can offer is limited by the number of people who have volunteered to be stewards. 
  • We cannot have people who fall into the vulnerable category volunteering at this stage. 
  • If you feel that you could be a volunteer steward please email the Parish Office on:
  • Please arrive for Mass in plenty of time to allow for checking in at the door.
  • Social distancing must be maintained at all times, both in the church and outside.
  • Face coverings must be worn at all times unless extempt.  Please ensure your mask is worn correctly by covering your nose and mouth.
  • The disabled toilet will be available but must be cleaned after every visit using the materials supplied. Children must be accompanied at all times to ensure that cleaning is properly carried out.
  • You have a duty to avoid attendance at the church if you have any symptoms of Covid-19 or other communicable illnesses.
  • If you are feeling unwell please make an informed decision as to whether it is appropriate for you to attend Mass. 
  • Anyone entering the church does so at their own risk.
  • We acknowledge that these arrangements are not ideal, but they are necessary to avoid contagion and to comply with church and government guidelines.​​
We thank you for your co-operation, patience and understanding.

St Henry Morse Catholic Church, Diss