Public Worship at St Henry Morse
St Henry Morse is currently not open for Public Worship.                                                                             This page was last updated 6th November 14:30
For a printable order of Mass leaflet, please click here.
Mass will be celebrated on; 
Details of future Masses will be detailed here following the conclusion of the November lockdown

To reserve a space:-

  1. Please use email if possible, as this will make our task very much easier.  The email address to use is, and we will respond within 24 hours so as to confirm that space is available, and to tell you the seat(s) you have been allocated.

  2. If you do not have access to email, please call 01379 871944 to make your reservation.  If, and only if you cannot get through on that number, an alternative number is 01379 897251. 

For the time being, and because the number of Masses will depend on the availability of stewards and cleaning volunteers, we will only accept reservation for up to seven days ahead.  If you request attendance at more than one Mass in any week, we will not be able to confirm availability of space until the day before any additional Mass you have requested.  This is to enable us to offer space to as many parishioners as possible.

  • Further dates and times will be added here once we have ensured adequate steward and cleaning cover.
  • The disabled toilet will be  available from Sunday 13th September.  Anyone using the toilet must re-sanitise it after use, Please follow the instructions provided, after use. Cleaning products and hand sanitiser will be available in the toilet and outside in the Community Room.  Your Mass Steward will be there to inform you of this and any other procedure.
  • The church operates a 1 metre plus social distancing policy, and as a result the number of places available at Mass will be very limited.  In order to maximise the safety of our parishioners, we have introduced a booking system for people to reserve the limited space available.  To put this in context, there is only enough space to accommodate 18 households, whether these be individuals or family groups / households.


This will be quite a logistical challenge, and so we ask you to bear with us as the arrangements evolve. 


There will be no admission after Mass has started, and please do not turn up to church without booking in advance.    We do not want to have the embarrassment of asking you to leave !

  • To ensure social distancing, you can only book seats for yourself and immediate members of your family or household.
  • If you have any mobility issues, please make this known when you apply for a place at any Mass.  This will enable us to allocate you the most appropriate place.
  • When you arrive stewards will direct you to your seat(s).
  • Once Public worship has commenced the sessions for Individual prayer will be cancelled.
  • The number of masses that we can offer is limited by the number of people who have volunteered to be stewards.  You will appreciate that we cannot have people who fall into the vulnerable category volunteering at this stage.  But if you feel that you could volunteer please contact Cathy Cunningham-Elliot.  email:
  • The Bishops of England have announced that attending Mass at any time during a week will count as having attended Mass on a Sunday. There is no obligation to attend Mass for anyone who feels unable to do so.
  • Members of the congregation will be required to wear face coverings throughout the service.  Please ensure that you bring one with you as this is a requirement for entering the church.
  • The church will have all windows and emergency exits open in order to facilitate the movement of air around the church.
  • People will enter via the car park side emergency exit and leave through the opposite emergency exit, near the organ.  Please follow the designated one way system to your seats, altars and exits.
  • Hand sanitiser will be available at the entrance and exit.  Hands must be sanitised at entry and exit to/from the church.
  • Communion will be in the hand only, with no physical contact with Father Alex.  Stewards will beckon forward people to receive communion or to receive a blessing. In order to minimise close contact with parishioners who may not wish to go to communion, all Mass goers will be asked to leave the bench at Communion time, either to take Communion, or to receive a blessing.
  • We are unable to have any singing.
  •  Although the parish is taking all reasonable steps to ensure your safety, please be aware that you are required to make an informed decision as to whether it is appropriate for you to attend Mass, and that you share responsibility with others for maintaining a healthy environment. If you decide to enter the church, you do so at your own risk.
We thank you for your co-operation, patience and understanding

St Henry Morse Catholic Church, Diss

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