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Below are documents in PDF format of our Library of books which are located in the main corridor leading from  the Community Room.  Please ensure that any books borrowed are returned in a timely manner so that others may enjoy them also.

Main Library List


Church Library List By Author July 2016

The following is a list of books under a number of categories;


1. Category - Jesus Christ, Bible Studies, Liturgy


Lib Cat B

2. Category - God; Church (incl. buildings, art); Sacraments

Lib Cat C

3. Category - Spirituality; Prayer; Christian Living

Lib Cat D

4. Category - Church Teaching and Documents

Lib Cat E

5. Category - Saints: Biographies: Writings

Lib Cat F

6. Category - Local Saints including Saint Henry Morse

Lib Cat G

7. Category - Church History (incl. English Martyrs)

Lib Cat H

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